Do as Mackendrick says…

Posted: January 24, 2011 in music
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As I tried to express in my previous published statement on wordpress.  Creativity is a mash up of everything you’ve seen or heard in your past.  (depending on your medium)  Now it’s time to talk about something just as controversial to some.  But yet still on the same subject of creativity.  Alexander MacKendrick, a famous 1950s director, once said something like,  “Copy what you see, until productivity becomes second nature, to think creatively in that medium.”  That’s my take on what MacKendrick said anyway.  I posted that on my facebook (Joshua Meggison on facebook) a while back.  What I mean by that is, you have to learn the rules of football before you play football, or your whole team will be punished and pushed back yards after each play.  Now, is copying what others do in your medium stealing?   No it’s a learning tool.  Who’s to say you will use the copied material you just got your hands on?  You don’t have to.  Although I guess you could in the world of music.  However, I don’t suggest it.   The basic 4/4 drum beat is used often enough.  (But things you are actually able to do can influence/inspire you more than what other people have proven they can do.  They are not you. They have different teachers, and different thoughts on what your art should evolve into.)  Copying what you see or hear is yet another way to get your head wrapped around new things.  That is how we all learn to talk.  Just copying what others do with there mouths.

Just don’t call someone’s work your own if it isn’t.  Say you were influenced by it, and this is what came out.   Try not to make or be a carbon copy.   That will not progress us as a race, or bring us to find our niche, or help any form of expression.  Also, one more thing to add on this.  You may be burning down bridge you wish to keep in it’s place if you end up blatantly stealing.


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