Posted: January 26, 2011 in music

When I ripped away what you thought was creativity, (the ability to create something from nothing [link to the post in blog post Creativity and your Drums]) you may have tried to think of things that sounded completely original to you at the time when what you thought of creativity may have been an illusion in the past. The reality of the illusion is the fact that people hear, feel, and taste so differently at any given time, day, or year. The experiences other people have are radically changed when they look back on them sometimes, and how they take that experience and tweak their words into poetry, a song, or even an image.

That comes from a long time of flexing the creative muscles, which in turn, makes them think they are creative, and making some combination in their head or even on paper, making them think they were creating something from nothing. When in reality, they were tweaking what they have experienced (either real or fantasized) and putting it into artistic and graceful words (graphic artist analogy coming next). Some people may feel envious that the artist is able to come up with such amazing graphics, when in all actuality, it’s just a lot of hard work and twisting the arms of the graphics until they come out smoothly, beautifully and to the artists liking; However, you have to have the basics of drawing as to do so. (Which is where Mackendricks saying comes in play)

The ability to let your mind wonder into something usable and great is far in between with most people. And there is nothing wrong with that.

So next time you are having any kind of creative block. (As the title of my last blog post iterated. [do as MacKendrick says…]) Maybe all you really need to do is step back to the basics and copy what you see, until productivity becomes second nature again. Then creativity will flow out of your ears!


Edited by: Samuel David Larson III


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